Hello, and welcome to my photography journal.

My name is Jeff Squibb,

I have had a camera in my hands since 8th grade 1978. While in 8th grade, a close friend who was a year ahead of me in school brought home a camera from high school, and that was all it took. My neighbor at the time was a man named Bill Reese (Awesome man). I found out that he repaired cameras for different people in the area and bought my first camera from him a Topcon 35mm. Mr. Reese would let me use his darkroom in his basement, and I would stop by and talk with him about the mechanics of cameras.

The two photographers I admire the most are Ansel Adams for his environmental images and Dorothy Lang for her documentary photography approach.

In high school, I worked on the yearbook, the school newspaper and used the darkroom. The only time I skipped class was with my friend to talk about photography, and we got caught. The teacher who got us out of being in detention was John Raymor, he was responsible for the darkroom, and he banned me for two weeks for skipping class. Ironically Mr. Raymor was my favorite teacher in high school but a teacher I never had a course with other than using the darkroom. Boy, do I miss those days working in the darkroom and using film. During my senior year, I was awarded a Scholastic Gold Key for an image of a windmill, and I had the image shown in the Mitchell Museum in Mt. Vernon IL.

Later in life after getting married, I worked for Olan Mills Portraits for nine years as a photographer in their Church Division. My area covered Chicago and suburbs to South Bend Indiana. I was the first Olan Mills Photographer to test and use the first digital cameras in the mid-1990s before that we used film.

After high school, I had plans to go to college for photography, but for some reason, I backed out at the time. I guess I felt I had not enough preparation for college and what I wanted to do in life. Currently, I work at a University in Illinois as an Information Systems Security Analyst, and I love my job. The university I work at is ironically the one school I had looked at for photography all those years ago. The last degree I want to get is my Bachelor’s in Photography. Starting in the Summer of 2019 I will begin this goal I dreamt of so long ago.  I love my career in information technology, but my passion is photography. I feel God has placed this passion back in my heart again and I plan to pursue my degree in photography. There is nothing more satisfying than setting in the wilderness alone waiting for the perfect image and feeling the presence of God.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and if you wish to contact me you can by emailing me at jeffsquibb.photography@gmail.com on Instagram by searching for jeffsquibbphotography and Twitter #jeffsquibb.

Jeff Squibb